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Pills, Pills, Pills

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Photography: Ishu Kler Creative

Many of you have asked what supplements I take & currently, I’m taking quite a few so I thought I would share!

Good quality vitamins & supplements are important to me, which is why I get most of mine from Finlandia (plus you can order online & have it delivered!). One of my favorite brands found there (as well as at Superstore) is Sisu. Image: Wix

Whenever I take my vitamins & supplements consistently, I’ve noticed the difference in my health. Awhile back I had seen Dr. Kali MacIsaac who is the Naturopath at Acubalance Wellness Centre & had some detailed blood tests done. Tests showed low levels of Biotin, Zinc, & Copper so these are also a part of my pill box.

For Endometriosis & Adenomyosis Symptoms (this is what was recommended for me, including dosages):

Sisu Magnesium 400mg one/day - helps with muscle relaxation (cramps), headache relief & metabolizes carbs, fats, & proteins

Sisu Calcium 300mg one/day - helps maintain strong bones & teeth. When you are post-menopausal, the body is less capable of absorbing Calcium from its diet so to prevent Osteoporosis & other issues, supplementation is needed

Designs for Health NAC 900mg one/day– makes the powerful antioxidant Glutathione that decrease inflammation & therefore, pain; helps with detoxification

Designs for Health Omega-Avail Hi-Po (contains EPA & DHA) 1500mg 2/day; healthy anti-inflammatory fat, improves blood flow, reduces pain by decreasing amount of prostaglandin E2 which is an inflammatory chemical

CanPrev Synergy B (B-complex with L- thiamine) one/day -metabolizes carbs, fats, & proteins, supports liver function, antioxidant, promotes relaxation

Sisu Integris Probiotic 20 billion one/day - balances digestive tract among other benefits

Vit D3 with K2 one/day (essential to take both together) - supports healthy bones & cardiovascular system & reduces inflammatory response. Especially important to take during the winter months as there is less sunlight, especially here in Canada

Chinese herbs - individualized concoction of something that does not taste good!! but after 2-3 weeks of consistently taking them, I remember my gut health being better as well as my energy levels. This is a must.

I don’t take these ones but they are also recommended:

AOR Pro Estro Support - balances estrogen levels, liver detox

AOR Ashgawandha - used to manage anxiety & stress by improving the adrenal system

Sisu Full Spectrum Curcumin - extract from Turmeric; strong anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant being used to manage Endo (guess I should start learning how to cook Indian dishes to get this one in!)

Other dailies:

Sisu Ester-C Supreme 600mg - supports immune system

Sisu Multivitamin one/day- I add this one in when diet has not been well rounded

Birch + Fog CBD capsules 20-40mg: for inflammation & pain relief in replacement of Advil

ALWAYS check with your doctor before starting any new medication or supplement as it can interact with your other meds.

When starting new meds, try one med at a time giving it at least 24-48 hours to see if any reactions occur (Not thinking, I started 3 new supplements at the same time & had an allergic reaction so then I had to try each of them separately to find the problem causer...& yes, had to experience another allergic reaction).

Also consistency…I say consistency a lot because when I am consistent, I see & experience the desired outcomes. Many times I fall off track but each day I try again at making this a habit & part of my routine.

Taking all these pills is also hard on my digestive system so I divide them up to take with breakfast, lunch, & dinner which also allows for better absorption of some (great information on vitamins in this article by Readers Digest).

Are there any vitamins/supplements you have found helped with your symptoms?

Roop Bassra, RN

BSc Psychology, BSc Nursing


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