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Partying in Pain

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

When the leg spasms & cramps down into my toes started at my brother's wedding reception, I knew resting in the back office wasn’t going to cut it. So I grabbed my two besties to entertain me while I medicated & rested at home, which luckily was only a 5 minute drive away.

After a hour or so, I was able to head back to the party & enjoy the rest of the night with family & friends.

I was proud & amazed at myself, my body, for making it through the week.

One thing I made sure of was to eat right so Endo belly & pain was better managed....except for the reception night, where I might have consumed some McNuggets & fries...& some gluten free alcohol...buttt I knew the consequences so I’m not complaining!

It was a long week though for someone who doesn’t get out at all these days. What our bodies are saying can be hard to hear if we don’t take the time to listen.

It’s been years of living with in pain so it’s funny that only recently have I started noticing the signs I unknowingly show when my pain starts to increase. I noticed that I become quieter, irritation shows on my face, I hear it in my voice, I’m anxious, annoyed easily, as well as edgy. And this feeling overcomes me where I just want to leave wherever I am at that moment & go home.

It’s important to recognize your signs so you can get the help you need before it gets to a point where it will take more meds & time to get to a manageable place.

Rest & time alone is what I’ve decided I need right now. Its actually been nice staying at home, having no plans & pretty much ignoring all that I should be doing. I have been napping which I usually don’t do but my body has been asking for it so I’m listening.

You can find me with the heat pad, covered in various balms & oils, medicated to the max, lying on my sofa as per usual, watching Netflix of course.

Roop Bassra, RN

BSc Psychology, BSc Nursing

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