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Now I Know my CBD's

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Pain management has been my goal for years. Luckily, any prescription version of Ibuprofen or opioids didn’t really work for me but oddly enough, over-the-counter extra strength Advil gel caps worked the best. But there were many days where I was double dosing & I could feel the effects it was having on my gastro-intestinal system. I knew that it wasn’t a long-term option but I didn’t have any other options at that time.

Lupron has definitely kept the period pain away but I am still very sensitive overall & of course, this back pain is pretty bad so I still needed Advil. As I started going to different therapies, my need for Advil did decrease but the years of abuse really made me want a complete break from it.

My pain & anxiety has been at an all time high as of the last month & as you guys know, I’m trying to make changes in my life in hopes that I will feel better. I had tried CBD capsules in the past but had taken them here & there vs. now, where I was taking a daily dose of 20-40mg. These gel caps from Birch + Fog are small but contain high quality CBD that has been found to reduce inflammation, nausea, stress, anxiety, depression as well as help with joint pain and tension.

The fact that you don’t experience psychoactive effects from CBD is definitely a plus as it allows you to think & function like a normal person...or close to whatever normal is for those of us with chronic illnesses!

But the best part, I have been able to replace my Advil with CBD capsules & this is something I really wanted for myself after 5 years of taking maximum dosages and more of Advil. I was worried I was going to end up with an ulcer & am surprised that somehow I didn’t!

There may not be long-term studies on CBD & its effects yet but experience it for yourself to see how it benefits you. For those who have never taken CBD, I suggest trying out a CBD tincture as you can titrate it to a small dose.

In my opinion & experience, CBD products, whether it’s oil, salts, balms, etc., are the way to go. A natural product that can provide the same relief as a medication (without as many side effects) is something to be considered. Now that I have tried some CBD products from Birch + Fog, I know it is definitely a part of my wellness plan.

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Roop Bassra, RN

BSc Psychology, BSc Nursing

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