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Migraine? Not Today!

Growing up and even in early adulthood, I rarely got a headache unless it was from dehydration or a hangover! But a year ago, I started getting these intense headaches when I would get my period, usually lasting a week. I remember driving to appointments was difficult because my eyes were so sensitive to daylight. I would have to leave appointments early or cancel them altogether because of the throbbing, piercing pain on the left side of my face

Photography: Ishu Kler Creative

I remember thinking so this is what a migraine is. You don’t want to talk, you don’t want to open your eyes, loud noises, and bright lights irritate you and then the pain of course When I went on Lupron, I had a migraine for 2 weeks. The only thing that dulled the intensity of it was the combo of Advil and Tylenol along with the Peppermint Halo roll on from Saje Wellness. Acupuncture at Acubalance Wellness Centre helped immensely with the migraine as well as massage. There are prescription medications available for migraines but I wanted to stay away from those if possible Now that I’m in medically-induced menopause, I’ve noticed that I no longer get migraines so they were clearly hormone induced. I don’t think I have Endo on my brain but I also wouldn’t be surprised if I did! Has anybody else experienced this? What has worked for you?

Roop Bassra, RN

BSc Psychology, BSc Nursing


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