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I Got The Magic Stick!

Muscles aches & pains are unfortunately a daily occurrence. I have tried multiple balms to relieve & soothe the pains, finding a couple I have really liked. One of my new top favourites is Delush's The Magic Stick from Birch + Fog.

This Liger Balm definitely gives Tiger Balm a run for its money! Convenient & easy to use, this stick is made up of CBD, oils, butters, & Vitamin E which also nourish the skin. After using this balm a few times, I am really satisfied with this product & how well it has worked for my pain. You can feel it’s magic working soon after application.

After a Delush CBD Recovery Soak from Birch +Fog, applying The Magic Stick enhanced the feeling of relaxation, allowing for a better night of sleep. And I’m talking over 5 hours of solid sleep which only happens with a sleeping pill. I am loving the combination of these two!

If you don’t have this, you need it! Use my code ENDOQWEEN for $20 off your order.

Roop Bassra, RN

BSc Psychology, BSc Nursing


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